Matrix Algebra on GPU and Multicore Architectures

The MAGMA project aims to develop a dense linear algebra library similar to LAPACK but for heterogeneous/hybrid architectures, starting with current "Multicore+GPU" systems.

The MAGMA research is based on the idea that, to address the complex challenges of the emerging hybrid environments, optimal software solutions will themselves have to hybridize, combining the strengths of different algorithms within a single framework. Building on this idea, we aim to design linear algebra algorithms and frameworks for hybrid manycore and GPUs systems that can enable applications to fully exploit the power that each of the hybrid components offers.

MAGMA on Keeneland

MAGMA is also installed on Keeneland as a module:

module load magma 
mpicc ... -I${MAGMA_DIR}/include -L${MAGMA_DIR}/lib -lcuda -lmagma -lmagmablas ...

The MAGMA module should be loaded after any compiler modules, and mpicc may be replaced with the compiler of your choice.  If you have any issues with running MAGMA on Keeneland, please let us know at